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Kozy Lawn Care invites you to enjoy a more beautiful and health lawn. You can count on KOZY Lawn Care to provide excellent, reliable service. Since 1987, President Joseph Kozol has many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. When you sign up with KOZY Lawn Care, you get a "KOZY" feeling knowing your lawn is in capable, responsible hands. Save with our Pre-Pay Program or Senior Citizen Discounts.

 Kozy's Application Program


Apply granular fertilizer with 2-4d weed control


Apply broadleaf control, slow release nitogen fertilizer


Grub Out insecticide plus broadleaf weed control. NE state tax applies


Apply granular fertilizer if needed. Apply broadleaf weed control.


Apply granular fertilizer,apply pre-emergent crab grass control,with broad leaf weed control


Apply nutrient rich granular fertilizer, plus broadleaf weed control


Apply granular fertilizer or insecticide to control sodwebwork and grubworm. Apply broadleaf weed control.


Apply winterizing for strong root development.

Your certified KOZY LAWN applicator may change your scheduled program due to environmental and ecological stresses. Applications of additional fungicides and insecticide treatments are extra.
Licensed and Insured.



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